At Sharma Saurabh & Co. Chartered Accountants we  are committed to combine the reach, depth and expertise of a big firm with the personal attention of a small firm.

We believe that for sustaining a long term growth a successful organisation needs to look at many different aspects of their business in togetherness.Financial measures, operational efficiency, new ways of working and stakeholder relationships all must grow together if dynamic organisations are to fully achieve their objectives.

We see our role in helping our potential clients sustaining a  long-term growth and unlocking potential wherever it’s possible. With our expertise and knowledge we shall be  able to take a wider view and operate in a coordinated way that’s as fast and agile as our clients. At Sharma Saurabh & Co. this is how we ought to deliver meaningful, actionable advice and unlock the potential for growth in dynamic organisations. 

We believe that the only way we can grow is by having you grow. Our solutions are so designed that they shall not only help you in sustaining in your businesses, but they will go beyond it ,unlocking your hidden potential ,so that you achieve your long term goals and we achieve ours.

What's your business challenge ?

Starting a business

Knowing  from where to start

Buying a business

Knowing the best possible options

 Cash flow issues

Managing liquidity and commitments

Growing a business

Knowing where to expand

Exiting a business

Getting the best exit advice