How can I improve short term cash flow?

1. Chase your debts
It’s not rocket science. Pick up the phone, speak to customers and ask them why they haven’t paid and when they’re going to pay.

2. Don’t rely on your bank

When your bank won’t extend overdraft facilities, talk to us about alternative ways of raising cash.

3. Consider factoring or invoice discounting

These can give you 90% of the invoice value immediately – ask us about how to make best use of factoring.

How do I improve long term cash flow?

1. Debtor management
Learn how to manage debtors nearly due, due or overdue – we can help.

2. Issue invoices promptly

It gets your invoices in a customer’s system more quickly.

3. Cash flow forecasting
Predict the peaks and troughs in your cash flow. Helps you to plan borrowing or know when surplus cash is available.

4. Consider asset re-finance or sale & leaseback
We’ll help you use your equipment assets to release cash.