CSR and Sustainability

For leading companies,Sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not only a matter of public relations or random philanthropic sentiments but also a strategic initiative that is carefully integrated into business functions.

our services includes:

CSR Reviews – Helps in integrating your social & environmental initiatives with your business strategies;

Social & Environmental (S&E) Due Diligence – Helps identify potential social & environmental risks that can impact your deal

  • Vendor Monitoring – Ensures your code of conduct is understood & implemented across the supply chain

  • End-use Monitoring – Gives you comfort regarding effective/intended utilization of funds disbursed for development

  • Specific Studies – Designed to research social & environmental issues and problems impacting your business

  • Ethics & Integrity (E&I) Services – Helps you develop/revamp & internalize your code of conduct/whistle blower policy