Business start-up –  what do you need to know?

  • Do you have a business plan? This is a crucial road map for your new company.
  • How much money do you need and what will it be used for?
  • Can you finance things yourself or do you need funding?
  • What business structure will you use? Are you setting up as a sole trader, partnership ,company or LLP?
  • Where are you going to trade from – home or business premises?
  • Are you recruiting staff and have you thought about employment issues & payroll?

Starting a business – how do I find the right help?

It will pay if you speak with us before you start a business. We can help you avoid costly pitfalls when starting up and will save you money in the long run. At Sharma Saurabh & Co. we can advise you on all aspects of starting up in business and help your business grow.

Make sure your accountancy firm can grow with you – will they be able to cope when your business grows?  At Sharma Saurabh & Co. we can deal with business from start-up, through growth and right through to exit.

Use your accountant as an adviser and not just a bookkeeper. They should be able to give you great ideas for planning, running and growing your business. 

How can we  help?

  • Setting up the company
  • Business planning
  • Getting finance
  • Managing your cash flow
  • Book-keeping
  • Accounts
  • Taxes and all the paperwork
  • VAT registration
  • Payroll
  • IT and accounting systems